Tribi develops motor control solutions that enable operation of motorised appliances such as Air-conditioners, Refrigerators and Pumps from renewable sources of energy. Our products take input from multiple power sources and use them optimally to operate single-phase and 3-phase motors.

All Tribi solutions are built around product platforms that have been developed from the ground up at Tribi. These platforms are a combination of Power Electronics, DSP-based Motor Control and Microprocessor based Appliance Control.

How TRIBI's solutions work

When an AC motor starts, it draws very high current (5 to 9 times the running current) for a brief period of time causing the input voltage to dip drastically.

Due to this, the input source (Battery / Solar) are always over-sized to lessen the impact of the high current. This subsequently increases the CAPEX requirements and affects the viability of renewable energy projects.

At the core of all Tribi products is a unique combination of technologies, integrated to eliminate this problem. Through the combination of:

  • A front-end converter that boosts the DC input voltage and
  • A VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) that can control 1-phase and 3-phase motors

the voltage is increased at a controlled rate depending on the application thus keeping the starting current in check.

Consequently, the DC input source i.e. battery or solar can be optimized thereby improving the commercial viability of renewable energy solutions.