TRBX-II is a unique solution operating single-phase air-conditioners in diesel locomotives, a rugged solution specifically developed to meet the specifications of the Indian Railways. It takes DC input from the locomotive battery and operates the normal 220V single-phase air-conditioners. TRBX-II is a comprehensive environment control solution for locomotives and operates heaters and air-conditioners depending on the cabin temperature. It uses a combination of proprietary technologies to "soft-start" the air-conditioner.

TRBX-II has made it possible for air-conditioning companies to develop viable air-conditioning systems for locomotives by enabling the use of easily available compressors rather than DC compressors which are expensive, not easily available and difficult to maintain.

TRBX-II is the only approved control system for air-conditioning of diesel locomotives of the Indian Railways. It has been integrated into the locomotive air-conditioning solutions developed by several companies including:

  • Subros
  • Lloyds Engg