TChill is a comprehensive solution that ensures uninterrupted operation of refrigeration equipment used in various points in a Cold Chain. This includes

  • chillers used in primary sourcing e.g. in milk collection centres, vegetable and fruit farms etc.
  • refrigerated vehicles used to transport perishables
  • refrigeration equipment used in retail of fruits, vegetables, ice-cream, vaccines, medicines etc.

TCHILL uses a battery to power the chillers and other related motorised equipment during grid failures. By using a combination of proprietary technologies TChill is able to "soft-start" chillers from a minimal battery bank. TChill also ensures that the battery life and the chiller life are not affected.

Some of the benefits of installing TChill in a milk collection shelter are:

  • consistently better quality of the product by ensuring uninterrupted operation of the chiller
  • elimination or drastic reduction in diesel consumption
  • reduction in noise
  • reduction in pollution

TChill has much higher efficiency and much lower no-load losses than inverters. It also requires far less battery to power the refrigeration equipment. It has been designed to be easily retrofitted into existing equipment.