TRIBIGENX+ is an environment control system specially designed for indoor telecom shelters. TRIBIGENX+ maintains the desired environment conditions inside the shelter in the absence of grid power by operating air-conditioners using the battery bank in the shelter as power source. By using a combination of proprietary technologies TRIBIGENX+ is able to "soft-start" 1-phase and 3-phase air-conditioners. This ensures that the battery life and the compressor life are not affected.

Some of the benefits of installing TRIBIGENX+ in an indoor telecom shelter are:

  • diesel consumption is eliminated or drastically reduced
  • the shelter can be powered from renewable sources such as solar
  • reduction in noise
  • reduction in pollution

TRIBIGENX+ could control air-conditioners of upto 2 Ton capacity and also supports internal and external "free-cooling". It has been designed to be easily retrofitted into existing telecom shelters.

TRIBIGENX+ is successfully operating at over 1500 indoor telecom shelters in India and abroad. Some of the Telecom Infrastructure companies that use TRIBIGENX+ include:

  • Indus Towers
  • Bharti Infratel
  • American Tower Corp
  • Viom Networks