TRIBI EnCool is an innovative device designed to run domestic air-conditioners from batteries. The device is specifically developed for homes, small offices and small shops where running / locating diesel generators is not an option. The primary goal of TRIBI EnCool is to provide an uninterrupted environment control system for small setups. By using a combination of proprietary technologies TRIBI EnCool is able to "soft-start" 1-phase and 3-phase air-conditioners. This ensures that the battery life and the compressor life are not affected.

TRIBI EnCool can operate multiple air-conditioners from an optimally-sized battery bank thereby minimizing investment on batteries. TRIBI EnCool can seamlessly control multiple air-conditioners of upto 2 Ton capacity. It has been designed to be easily retrofitted onto existing air-conditioners and allows the existing air-conditioning controls to be used.

Some of the benefits of installing TRIBI EnCool in a home, shop or small office are:

  • uninterrupted cooling with minimal incremental investment
  • optimized battery bank size
  • no change in air-conditioning controls