Water purification is a vital necessity that determines the quality of life of people and in turn the development of a nation. However availability of power in rural and semi-urban areas housing under-served communities is not consistent. Generators cannot be used due to prohibitive operating costs which results in irregular operation of the plants.

Backup and Renewable sources of power have been unable to bridge the gap since inverters are unable to control the current of the pumps and are also inefficient.

TribiAquaP – Making the difference

TribiAquaP provides an innovative, comprehensive solution that ensures the continuous operation of water purification plants. By controlling the starting currents of the pumps, it enables them to be powered thereby ensuring continuous operation. Further, TribiAquaP reduces the consumption of energy by 30%-40% and this in turn helps reduce the CAPEX of the backup and renewable sources.

This makes TribiAquaP a must-have for operations supplying water to communities, large enterprises/ organizations, factories and other such establishments thereby ensuring an uninterrupted supply of clean water.