The use of diesel generators in indoor telecom shelters due to inconsistency in regular power supply is the primary reason for high operating costs. These generators are used to charge the batteries but are primarily operated to power the air-conditioners which are vital to ensure that the sensitive equipment does not overheat or malfunction.

Unfortunately, standard inverters cannot be used as a replacement to power these units due to their inability to control starting currents. Further, the use of diesel generators brings with them a myriad of problems including:

  • High costs
  • Increased costs due to pilferage
  • Pollution generated from the operation of the generators

Telecom shelters are also unable to utilize green and renewable sources of power like solar power, fuel cells, etc. as air-conditioners primarily operate on AC power.

TribiGenX - Making the difference

TribiGenX is a comprehensive solution that addresses most critical issues faced in the cooling of telecom shelters. By controlling starting currents the device allows air-conditioners to run on a DC source thereby allowing the use of renewable forms of power supply devices such as solar, fuel cells, inverters, etc.

This allows for the entire telecom shelter to be operated from a battery for a few hours reducing if not eliminating the need for diesel generators. This not only reduces operational costs but simultaneously makes the shelters more eco-friendly a vital requirement in sensitive areas and silent zones.