Uninterrupted power supply is vital to any retail outlet that stores perishables in cold storage as even a few hours of inadequate refrigeration could spoil products, leading to losses. Unfortunately operating freezers, chillers, display cases and visi-coolers during power cuts is a challenge. Regular inverters cannot be used due to their inability to handle the starting charges of refrigeration equipment and thus they have to be over designed and are expensive. Even these powerful inverters are unable to efficiently utilize the battery bank and cannot start the equipment if there is a drop in the battery voltage. The only alternative is to use diesel generators which take up space and bring its own problems of noise and pollution.

Tribi's TChill - Making the difference

Tribi's TChill provides a comprehensive, cost effective solution that allows for the operation of multiple refrigeration equipment in cold storage retail shops. It controls the starting current of the equipment thus allowing them to be powered by most inverters and also optimizes the battery bank enabling efficiency. This enables the starting of the equipment even when there is a drop in the battery voltage. Additionally, Tribi's TChill allows the equipment to be run from DC generating renewable power sources such as solar devices. TChill can be retrofitted onto single-phase freezers, chillers, display cases and visi-coolers used in most cold storage retail outlets.