Water is one of the most essential elements in agriculture. The availability of water in India’s agricultural setup is largely dependent on pumps. The pumps primarily are electric or diesel based.

Electric based pumps are uncertain as power availability is poor in a rural scenario and it does not coincide with the time periods when the water is needed. The use of diesel pumps is an expensive proposition and it brings with it concerns on pollution and pilferage.

One method to resolve this issue is to use solar pumps. Solar energy is available in the summer months when water is needed the most. It is also available during most of the months barring the rainy season. Hence it covers most of the agricultural needs.

The present solution for solar pumps is based on DC pumps which are imported or solutions built using standard off the shelf variable frequency drives. The use of these solutions though providing partial relief causes another set of issues including:

  • High costs of DC pumps based solutions
  • DC pumps being able to run only on solar and not on grid supply if available
  • Normal variable frequency drive solutions needing specially designed motors which are not BEE labeled
  • Solar voltage generation issues limiting the functionality and thereby the throughput of pumps in case of normal variable frequency drives
  • Lack of flexibility in both cases as they can use the solar energy to run only those pumps which are supplied as a package. No other motors can be powered using the solar energy.

This results in a large CAPEX investment like solar energy being tied up in a single usable scenario without any flexibility. This restricts the possible usage of solar energy from the panels throughout the year

Tribi Arqua - Making the difference

Tribi Arqua is a comprehensive solution that addresses the needs of pumps in the largest segment of solar pumps, i.e. from sub 1 HP to 3 HP. Tribi Arqua allows the use of standard single phase induction motor pumps that are BEE star labeled. This allows for an assured efficiency of operation.

Further, Tribi Arqua has an integrated power and drive topology which allows the solar panel sizes to be standardized. This ensures that there are no voltage build up issues from the solar panels as the full throughput operation is ensured over a large input voltage range.

Tribi Arqua is based on dual supply and ensures an automatic transfer based on settings. This feature helps the user to avoid having to visit the pump room controls to choose between grid and solar supplies.

As Tribi Arqua runs a single phase induction motor, it can be used to power any other motor of the same type. This allows the solar energy to be used for any other purpose if needed thereby increasing the solar energy utilization and significantly reducing grid and diesel consumption.