It is imperative to chill products such as milk, fruits and vegetables immediately after sourcing to minimize the growth of bacteria. Milk is stored in chillers while vegetables and fruits are stored in cold rooms until they are transported. The primary issue faced at a majority of the milk collection centers and in rural locations is the lack of regular power supply. To combat frequent long power cuts, diesel generators are used which not only significantly increase operating costs but also bring with it a host of problems including:

  • High costs
  • Unpredictability of supply and increased cost of delivery to rural areas
  • Issues of pilferage
  • The air and noise pollution generated from the operation of the generators

Tribi's TChill - Making the difference

Tribi's TChill is a comprehensive, cost effective, eco-friendly solution for ensuring uninterrupted operation of refrigeration equipment used in various points in the Cold Chain. It enables the equipment to be operated using power from a battery by controlling the starting current of the equipment during power cuts. It also optimizes the battery bank requirement thus making it more efficient and effective. It also enables the chillers to be powered by a clean, renewable source of energy such as solar, fuel cells etc. Tribi's TChill can be retrofitted into single-phase chillers used in most milk collection centers and cold rooms used to keep vegetables and fruits thus minimizing investment.