Running air-conditioners during a power cut without a generator back-up is usually impossible and at best impractical in any residential/commercial property. Since inverters are usually unable to cope with the starting currents needed for air conditioners, powering them would require an inverter that is over designed and expensive.

Even these powerful inverters are unable to effectively utilize the battery bank and cannot start the air conditioner once the battery voltage drops. Further the inability of air conditioners to run on DC power sources makes the use of renewable power sources impossible.

Tribi-EnCool - Making the difference

Tribi-EnCool is an efficient and cost effective solution that enables operation of multiple air-conditioners in residential and commercial locations using inverters. It achieves this by controlling the starting current of air conditioners thus allowing the optimization of the power source.

As this battery bank is optimized, it enables the starting of air conditioners even if the battery voltage is low. Further, even though most sources of renewable energy produce DC power, Tribi-EnCool enables air conditioners which work on AC power to be run on them thus giving cleaner, noise-free options.

It can easily be retrofitted onto typical single-phase air-conditioners used in most residential and retail locations allowing for minimal installation investment.